Cable Television Alternatives

There was a time when cable television was mandatory in every household, because you couldn’t see your favorite TV show, sports or movies without it. Now, you have several companies like Netflix, EpixHD and even Amazon offering digital streaming of your favorite shows and movies. I have cable TV in my home and I usually DVR my favorite shows to watch them at a later time and date. But I am seriously considering these other alternatives because it saves money and I don’t even have time to enjoy TV as much. There are always reruns on cable TV, and and can’t watch what you want to watch when you want to watch it unless you pay an additional fee. With NetflixEpixHD and Amazon, you pay a small monthly fee to see a vast amount of TV shows and movies. There is old and new content, and the good thing is, you can watch it anytime you like. Netflix even has independent films that you can watch on their website, which is great for indie filmmakers like Jeff Renfroe’s “The Last Straw”.  Take a moment to visit explore these sites and see what they have to offer!







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