WInners and Losers

Some people get caught up with the fact that they have to be #1 to be considered a winner. But that’s not always the case! Every industry has businesses or individuals that compete for business, ratings, and bragging rights. But what most people don’t know is that you are still considered a winner even if you don’t walk away with the title “Winner”. You are considered a threat once you reach the level of competition with someone else. For instance you have Polo Ralph Lauren and Beverly Hills Polo Club clothing, in which they have identical logos, target markets and clothing. Even though Beverly Hills Polo Club may not sell as much clothing as Ralph Lauren, they are still a successful clothing company. Another example would be top movies this year. So far, Iron Man 3 has grossed ($400M), Fast and Furious 6 ($220M), Star Trek into Darkness ($211M), The Great Gatsby (est. $136M) and Man of Steel has grossed ($129M to date). Just because Iron Man 3 has grossed the most so far does’t mean this film is the only winner because the other films are just as successful as this one. Politicians (Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney) television networks (NBC vs. ABC), sports teams (San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat) and crowd funding (“Veronica Mars” vs. “The Last Straw”) are also examples of individuals and businesses competing for the winning title and are still successful even if they don’t win. Just remember that there is always a winner and a loser. But as long as you give it 100% and try to win, you will be successful and still considered a winner!!!