Building a support system

Throughout this campaign for “The Last Straw” project on Kickstarter, I have met many new friends and supporters. The key to building a strong support system is surrounding yourself with the right people, which will lead to your success. “If a delicate flower consumes soft-drinks and darkness rather than water and sunlight, it will eventually die.” So in the same sense, our minds need to be well fed to become strong and confident. Every person you invite into your life should enhance your life! You need people that will be on your side no matter what the circumstances are. When you win, these people are happy without reservation or qualification, and don’t celebrate like they did “it” themselves. When you’re losing, these same people do not condone your screw-ups and they will be with you no matter how many times you screw up. I invited “tough love” into my support system because these are the people who will tell you what you need to hear, no matter how much the truth hurts. I removed the negativity, competition and enablers from my support system and decided to be my own best friend. Well, what does all of this have to do with “The Last Straw” project? All of the backers to date are a part of my support system and I greatly appreciate them. I also have supporters that donated their time by re-tweeting my “tweets” on Twitter, Liked my Facebook page, shared the Kickstarter link with others, offered marketing services, and those that simply took the time to see what my campaign is all about. Most of my supporters are people that I don’t even know, and I would like to thank everyone that continues to support me down to the last day. I learned a lot on this journey and I definitely enjoyed the experience!

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Are we there yet?


San Antonio Spurs logo 1973–1990

San Antonio Spurs logo 1973–1990 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Image used at: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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They say that time flies when you’re having fun, well let me add that time flies when you stay busy and stay productive as well! I can’t believe that it’s 16 more days to go before “The Last Straw” campaign on Kickstarter ends. It almost seems like it was just launched a week ago. I have celebrated Fathers Day, Memorial Day, Mothers Day and several birthdays during this campaign. I have made new film contacts, picked out the film equipment needed and have chosen the actors and film locations. I will be attending the Film Fest at the BET Experience this month and the LA Film Fest this weekend. I am looking to make new contacts and enjoy myself. I have definitely enjoyed the experience and I will continue to give 1000% until the shot clock runs out. This has been as challenging as the NBA Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat. If you haven’t had the chance to see what “The Last Straw” campaign on Kickstarter is about or watch a snippet of the film, make sure read all about it and spread the word to your extended circle of friends. For more info go to:

 Until the next time!!!